Why order a Demanet Bite Suit?


As a decoy, you have lots of options available to you when it comes to bite suit selection. There are big brands that I am sure you have seen around for many years, and probably worked in before. Demanet bites suits (along with a couple other brands) are light years ahead of our competitors in both protection and mobility.

A Demanet bite suit is made with a proprietary blend that allows us to create a suit that is incredibly light for the level of protection it provides.  Demanet offers four primary levels of bite suits. Training weight (offering the greatest protection), semi-training, semi-competition, and competition weight. There are a variety of reason why you may pick one suit over another (we will get into those in tomorrows post), but the key is selecting the right bite suit for the job.

Another unique advantage that Demanet bite suits offer is incredible tailoring. Our most popular cut is what we call a French cut. This suit was originally designed for the sport of French Ring, but offers tremendous advantages in other sports and police/military k9 work. Once you have selected the appropriate cut, we provide a measurement work sheet that allows us to build a bite suit that fits you like a glove. No more baggy neck lines, long sleeves, short mid-sections, bulky pants, or loose material. You can expect your Demanet bite suit to fit better than most any piece of clothing you have.

A properly fitted suit, that is the appropriate weight will allow you to take your training to new heights. Gone are the days of dogs just grabbing material. We want the dog to find and feel the man. In a tailored suit the dog has the ability to get a full grip every time. You as the decoy will have the ability to move more naturally, making it easier to manipulate the dog and focus on technique, rather than trying to find your balance, and struggling to move.

As a quick summary, the two most critical elements are 1) getting a perfectly tailored suit 2) picking the right weight for your work and skill level. If you have questions about either of these things, please call us at 513-315-8002 (or email at mic@5fgroup.com). We are professional decoys with expertise in French Ring, PSA, police dog training, military dog training, and protection dog training. We will be happy to walk you through the process to get exactly the right suit for you!


Demanet Online is the premier vendor for Demanet Bite Suits in the USA. You will not find better customer service or more knowledgeable decoys anywhere else. If this is your first suit or your 10th suit, we are here to walk you through the process to insure you get a suit that meets your needs and fits you perfectly. 

We understand that buying a Demanet Bite Suit is a big decision, one which normally requires some discussion to get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. When you are ready, click on the ORDER PAGE to place your order, or feel free to email us at mic@5fgroup.com or call (513) 315-8002!  We are happy to take the time to discuss your bite suit needs!
Mic Foster – Owner – Demanet Online – mic@5fgroup.com

Review from Grayson Guyer

I just got home from picking up my new suit from Mic, and could not be anymore pleased. This is my first time dealing with Mic and found him to be honest and reliable. He really took an interest in getting me exactly what I was looking for, and got it to me quickly and at an absolute bargain.

You can rest assured that you have earned yourself another return customer.
Many thanks,
Grayson Guyer

Review from Toran Scott

Hey Mic and Steph… just wanted to let you know that I got the suit this past week and… I LOVE IT!! Perfect fit, they got everything correct (and I’m guessing mine was the most in-depth as far as changes and “customization” go). The suit looks great and will probably be the last suit I will ever need to buy. But if I ever need to buy another, rest assured I’ll be ordering through you. Thanks for the communication and the speed, I still can’t believe you got them in that quick.


Review from Mike Ritland

Hey Mic,

Just wanted to say thank you, and tell you how much I am enjoying my new suit. It fits perfect and is exactly what I wanted. Your professionalism from when I placed my order to the day I received the suit was top-notch. I would recommend anyone looking for a suit to go through you.

Thanks again for everything,

Mike Ritland

Review from Wade Morrell

I just wanted to say how happy I am with my new suit that I purchased from Mic. He was really good on updating me on the status of my order and putting up with all of my annoying requests. I have purchased numerous suits from different vendors and Mic was the best by far. Really if you’re looking for a new suit you need to give him a call!!!

you wont find a better price on a Demanet anywhere in the US. :rock:

Wade Morrell