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Please enter all information as accurately as possible. Once you have submitted the form below, and emailed us your design, someone from our office will reach out to review your information with in 24 hours. During the call we will confirm we fully understand your design, verify your measurements are accurate, and collect payment. NO PAYMENT IS DUE UNTIL ORDER HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND CONFIRMED.

Note: When a bite suit is shipped direct from the factory to you, there is sometimes a customs fee assessed. This fee is approximately $40. Please be aware that you are responsible for paying customs for this import charge if/when they invoice you. 


Measurement Guide (click here for measurement guide)

Color Guide (click here for color guide)

If you need a template for designing a custom suit, please click below. You are welcome to print the template, draw your suit design and email it to mic@5fgroup.com. Please include your last name in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. If you prefer to use a picture found online, you are welcome to email the picture with notes on adjusting colors.