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Demanet Online is a division of the 5F Group.

Make all checks or money orders payable to Gary Foster

If you pay by credit card, your statement will appear as: Propay

Demanet Online is a vendor for Demanet International S.L. The only Demanet factory is in Spain and nowhere else. Vendors who distribute Demanet suits will never know the process of manufacturing. Vendors are neither technicians, nor designers.

Vendors have no control over when suits are finished and shipped back. To ensure quality, Demanet tailors only one or two suits per day, so delivery depends on the number of orders he currently has. Demanet Online averages 8-12 weeks for delivery, some shipments do come in sooner, but on a rare occasion can be delivered after the estimated date.

The fabric (60% cotton, 40% polyamide) was finalized and worked out by Demanet himself, from thread to weaving, and cannot be compared with any other on the market.

Assertions concerning the sale of “a perfect copy of a Demanet bite-suit” are lies aimed at striking a blow at the Demanet name and know-how honorably recognized in Europe and the United States for more than twenty years.

Demanet does a fantastic job, but no returns, exchanges, or refunds can be granted for miscommunications, design or measurement errors, or any other circumstance. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your order, Demanet Online will help sell your suit to alleviate the cost of purchasing another.

The customer is responsible for all customs fees associated with their purchase. Customs charges most customers with in 7 days of delivery. Typical charges range from $40-$50 per suit. If your charge is substantially more, we will assist in researching the inflated charge.

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  1. Wanted to give this company an endorsement (unsolicited). I had been a police service dog handler as well as decoy for 8 years. Our department had purchased another brand and we were satisfied with it. We had discussed the Demanet brand but opted for the other for one reason or another. Then, about 2-3 years into my program I attended a national event in North Carolina. I borrowed a fellow handler’s brand new Demanet suit for the week we were there. I spent hours in that suit. The maneuverability in it is amazing. (forgive me, I forget which style it was though. was several years ago) I wanted to buy it from him on the spot but my wife at the time would have neutered me so I opted not to. When we returned home I found one of the guys in our training group had a Demanet as well and I began using that exclusively instead of our suit. Suggestions: attend a good, solid decoy school and invest in a good bite suit such as this. You will not regret it. It will be good for you, the handler as well as for the dog. the handler can make the dog so give them the training and the tools to do it well.

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