French Cut


French Cut Suits are fully customizable, including: sizing, pattern, and colors. Below is a breakdown of the available weights and the decoys they are typically designed for.

SELECTIF and COMPETITION WEIGHT is designed for Professional K-9 trainers and decoys, PSA, Schutzhund and Ring Sport competition, military and law enforcement training who use more advanced dogs. These suits are very light weight and offer unparalleled mobility.

SEMI-COMPETITION WEIGHT is for Advanced level K-9s and decoys who require a more flexible suit that still offers more protection than Competition level suits. This suit is relatively light, but still offers excellent protection.

TRAINING and SEMI-TRAINING WEIGHT are designed for daily training of personal protection, police and military dogs.  The suits are a great combination of protection and mobility.  Less experienced decoys will feel more comfortable in this suit, and greener dogs will find it easier to develop a proper bite.  In comparison to all other training weight suits, this suit is the most protective and lightest on the market. The Semi-Training Weight falls between the Training and Semi-Competition Weights when considering protection and mobility.

KEVLAR – Demanet now offers a very thin Kevlar hidden suit.  This suit is designed for finished dogs and designed to be worn under clothing.  This suit is not meant for daily training as Kevlar has been known to wear down a dogs teeth over time.  This suit provides the peace of mind for military, law enforcement and personal protection trainers that their dogs with truly bite the man.



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  1. What is your current pricing for semi comp jacket only. Non customized. Fitted only.

  2. Hi would like to have some information on pricing a delivery eta to montreal canada 🇨🇦

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