So fast you’ll walk on water…

One of the reasons our customers choose Demanet bite suits is because speed is important. Obviously in dog sports, but also in training for police and military. A bulky, poor fitting suit makes decoys slow and immobile. That doesn’t translate well to the street.

When building a dogs foundation slow and methodical is typically the best practice, but when working finished dogs during in service training, speed can make all the difference. Whether you are adjusting quickly for a clean catch, to keep your balance, or doing scenario work, a light tailored suit will keep you and the dog safe and effective. Keep that in mind when you are considering your next bite suit purchase.

Even our heaviest bite suit (training weight) is going to be lighter than 90% of bite suits on the market (of any weight). So when you are looking for exceptional protection, but understand mobility is key, Demanet Bite Suits are the clear choice.

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